SV Coir Exports Quality Control


SV Coir Exports maintains top-class quality control to meet the quality requirement of greenhouse cultivators. The following are the features of quality control methods that are being followed by the company.

  1. Coir fiber mills which adopt the dry decortication process of fiber, is selected for the collection of pith. Wet Cocopeat is being collected from the coir mills directly by the company as soon as the pith is separated from the coir fiber. Mills who adopts the soaking and retting of the husk is not preferred for the collection of cocopeat. In this process we are able to obtain fresh cocopeat, which gives a good volume on expansion.
  2. This process avoids contamination of seeds and other foreign materials in the cocopeat.
  3. Wet cocopeat is washed with water to reduce the EC by percolation method. The material EC is checked by the laboratory and passed for drying process.
  4. Electrical Conductivity is checked on the water extract of the material. One part of dry dust is mixed with five parts of demineralised water(ECw) by volume (100 ml to 500 ml). Stir, soak and strain the solution and measure the EC (ECc). The EC of cocopeat is measured by the formula ECc-ECw (mS/cm).
  5. Wet cocopeat is then shifted to the drying yard of the company and dried in specially made floors. The cocopeat is dried right under the supervision of the skilled person. After drying the moisture of the material is checked.
  6. The dried cocopeat is passed to through a vibrating screen to remove long fibers, stones, and sand if any. The QC department checks the quality of the finished product for contamination of foreign material.
  7. This cleaned material is segregated in a wind tunnel to isolate the lighter particles from that of the heavy particles. According to customer requirement the particles are mixed and the homogeneous material is ready for pressing.
  8. The dried and cleaned cocopeat is tested for their electrical conductivity, moisture content and then approved by QC for pressing.
  9. From the finished products random samples are collected and tested periodically for its quality. If any batch of product is below standard, that lot is rejected.

Biodegradable Cocopeat

Cocopeat is also known as Coir pith, Coir Fiber pith, Coir dust. It is used as a solid additive, due to low level of nutrition content in the Cocopeat it is mixed with nutrients and used as growing medium for plants.